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I went to see Bertrand at Brisbane Headache and Migraine clinic after 9 months of suffering with debilitating vertigo due to Vestibular Migraine. When I first saw Bertrand I couldn’t do simple daily tasks like going to the shops, unstacking the dishwasher or going for a walk due to the unsteadiness and dizziness from the vertigo. Now I can do all of those things, and have even been riding a bike and surfing. Bertrand is so professional, knowledgeable as well as being extremely caring, and is the definitely the person to see if you get migraines!
I was a chronic migraine sufferer for a long time, sometimes getting two in a week and often every week. These greatly inhibited my ability to live a normal, functioning life. I had tried all sorts of medications and, by the time I found the Headache and Migraine Clinic, I was quite desperate. After only about 6 sessions with Bertrand all headaches had stopped and I have lived for 4 years without experiencing a single migraine.Recently I have had a couple of migraines and so have returned to the clinic. I have complete confidence that the results will be the same as before. I cannot recommend this practice more highly.
I have had migraines for the last 23 years, some bad enough to lose my sight temporarily. I tried many types of massages, physio's and chiropractors but only got temporary relief. After seeing Bertrand for 3 months and doing upper neck migraine treatment I haven't had a migraine since, even 6 months after finishing treatment. Bertrand is a friendly guy who genuinely cares about me as a patient and is happy to explain anything about treatment I'm curious about, and knows his speciality very well. His methods are researched and verifiable, and I recommend anyone who suffers from migraines go see him.
I've been seeing Ariel for just over a couple months now and i have found this treatment to be working for me. Ariel is such a wonderful lady and always makes me feel welcome and comfortable. I highly recommend her and the clinic.
For 8 years I have suffered from constant symptoms relating to vestibular migraine (as diagnosed by a specialist). For the last two years my symptoms were so severe I was unable to leave my home at all.Since commencing treatment with Bertrand at Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic two months ago, the severity of my symptoms has drastically reduced. I am now at a level of functionality where I can enjoy some recreational time with my family outside of home. As I continue with my treatment plan I am optimistic I will soon have the capacity to return to full time employment.I strongly recommend anyone suffering from symptoms of migraine to consult with Bertrand at Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic as a first course of action.Bertrand himself is a friendly and knowledgeable professional and I am greatly appreciative of his efforts and expertise in treating my condition. Admin staff at the Pinelands clinic are warm and welcoming which is also bonus!
After 15 years of regular debilitating migraines and many attempts to get on top of them, I finally found Ariel at the Brisbane Headache and Migraine Centre. Within just a few months, Ariel's expertise and guidance made all the difference and I'm delighted to say I'm now migraine free. Thank you so much Ariel, I'm forever grateful! The reception staff, who are always friendly and efficient, also deserve special mention. I can't recommend the centre enough (where's the six star option Google?).