The Assessment

talking_doctorThe assessment lasts 60 minutes which encompasses a full and thorough questioning process so that clinicians at The Brisbane Headache and Migraine clinic™ can understand everything about your headache and migraine condition.

A comprehensive and in-depth examination is then instigated to assess all possible related factors which could be causing your headaches and migraines. The upper cervical spine is then thoroughly examined during the assessment.

Ligamental stability tests and vertebral arterial tests are also examined to ensure only the highest standards of patient safety before thoroughly examining the cervical spine of the neck.

The emphasis of the assessment is to then temporarily reproduce your exact headache and migraine symptom with gentle selective stress of the upper cervical spine, and when sustained, for the symptoms to then subside after 20-30 seconds.

The reproduction and resolution of your typical headache and migraine symptom is a powerful tool that will provide us with an accurate diagnosis of your condition, and the relevance of your upper cervical spine in relation to your condition. If this is achieved it determines a successful outcome for your condition with a high success rate of becoming headache and migraine free without the need of medication.

You will then be given your own personalised Optimal Health4Life pathway plan which will guide you through the 4 necessary stages to achieve results

Treatment will begin immediately on the first session once we have established your neck to be the primary contributing factor.

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