The Results

At the Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic™ we do not treat hoping for results, we treat knowing the results.We only treat those headache and migraine sufferers who have gone through our unique assessment procedure, and who we determine is suitable for treatment - approximately 85-90% of those we assess. This approach ascertains a high likelihood of success.

Once treatment commences we expect a significant improvement to occur quickly in 90% of our patients. We expect to observe these changes within 6 treatment consultations. If there are no significant changes within the first 6 consultations we will cease treatment.

123Your first 6 session is all that it takes to notice a significant change towards you headache and migraine condition regardless of whether you have suffered from +20 years of chronic headaches and migraines, or whether an acute condition has recently developed.

If your condition has been deemed appropriate for treatment based on our comprehensive assessment, then expect a significant change to your symptoms and lifestyle, and to potentially live a life free of headaches and migraines without the countless need of medication.

Your initial 6 treatment lasts for only 2-3weeks to achieve desirable outcomes. A typical patient after finishing the initial block of treatment will then be seen a week later, then two weeks, then four weeks, eight weeks etc, or simply return if they feel they are regressing.

There will be no need for ongoing and countless treatment sessions as the results are achievable and achieved in the shortest amount of time.

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