Vertigo Cervical Headache

What is Vertigo Cervical Headache In Brisbane?

Vertigo Cervical Headache results in dizziness, spinning and/or a sense of disequilibrium and disorientation. Vertigo is often provoked by particular neck postures and head movements.  Patients often report as if they are sitting in a boat and their surroundings are constantly moving creating a dizziness sensation. Some patients also report of headaches or migraines associated with this feeling of dizziness. They may experience nausea and vomiting, as well as mild to moderate pain in the head either on one or both sides. Symptoms are often exacerbated by movements of the head or when maintaining the head in one position for a prolonged time. It is also worsened when discomfort is felt in the neck.

What is the cause of Vertigo Cervical Headache?

Through current research, Vertigo Cervical Headache is a result of a dysfunction in the neck. It can also be associated after injuries to the neck such as a whiplash or head injury1,2. Those with this disorder typically have a dysfunction in the upper three cervical spine which causes a SENSITISED BRAINSTEM. The brainstem is found at the base of the skull, and into the upper three vertebrae. It filters information that passes into the brain including motion-self-awareness and head-equilibrium-position. Because these information pass through what is now a sensitised and heightened brainstem, those with this dysfunction will now perceive small movements to be larger than normal movements, and therefore a feeling of dizziness/spinning, disorientation and a feeling as if their surroundings are constantly moving, even though they are stationary. They will also have associated features such as headaches and migraines in Brisbane.

I've already tried everything. What else can be done to help Vertigo Cervical Headaches?

Modern medicine moves very rapidly, and unfortunately this means that no one can keep up with all of the research. Many practitioners rely on the outdated medical model of the various forms of headaches to provide treatments to their patients. Here at the Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic, we specialise in treating headaches and migraines. Therefore, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the most recent research, and applying the most effective treatments for your needs.

At the Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic™, we see countless amounts of patients with Vertigo Cervical headaches and utilise world-class techniques in assessing and treating this problem. A thorough examination of the upper cervical spine is firstly initiated to determine the severity of your SENSITISED BRAINSTEM. If your brainstem has been proven to be hypersensitive and the cause of your Vertigo Cervical Headaches, we then conduct specific treatment to safely and effectively de-sensitive your brainstem. Expect a significant improvement to occur rapidly in 90% of our patients once treatment commences.

We expect to observe this within the first 5 treatment consultation. The best part about the treatment is that it is medication free, surgical-free, non-invasive, and treats the underlying cause of your problem.

Our treatment is effective in alleviating or dramatically reducing Cervical Vertigo Headaches in 85-90% of sufferers.

Imagine living a life free from headaches and migraines and saying goodbye to medications!


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