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Lynette Wong

Lynette Wong

Administrator – First Impression
Physiotherapy Student


Lynette is one of our welcoming administration staff, who certainly brings so much to the team.
Lynette is known for her calm nature and professional manner in all that she does. In addition to this, she packs a wicked sense of humour and is able to use this to connect and relate to all of our patients.
Lynette is also studying in the Honours Physiotherapy program at UQ, which brings a unique perspective to her interactions with patients and helping them seek the best care with us.


Lynette is currently studying Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland. She is scheduled to graduate in November 2022 with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy (Honours) and wishes to pursue a career as a physiotherapist.
Lynette has been working with us since February 2020 and brings experience working in medical and laboratory settings.


Lynette takes charge of several duties at the clinic, including providing service at the front desk in the clinic and even producing high quality content for our social media channels,  Striving to provide an exceptional experience, Lynette is a keen learner and is always interested in how she can best assist you.

Fun Facts About Lynette

Lynette is someone who seems very calm, but the more you get to know her, you appreciate that she is a chaotic force of humour and dry wit.
Lynette works hard, but also knows how to play hard. She has been known to start bingeing anime shows during intense study periods and if you need to learn more about Overwatch gameplay, she is your girl.
Lynette also plays volleyball and badminton socially, but when she is on the court she isn’t out to make any friends…



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