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Mattias McAndrew

Mattias McAndrew

B.Phty (Hons), APAM
Trained Watson Headache® Practitioner



Meet Mattias McAndrew, the Head Clinician at The Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic™. As the first addition to our team after the director, Mattias is a key player in our mission to provide top-tier care for those dealing with migraines, headaches, and musculoskeletal issues.

Mattias holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours from the esteemed University of Queensland, renowned for its excellence in physiotherapy education. Post-graduation, he pursued advanced training, earning recognition as a trained Watson Headache® practitioner. Additionally, he is well-versed in Mulligan Concepts and qualified to perform dry needling (a Western version of Acupuncture), as well as numerous other physiotherapy modalities.

With a solid academic foundation and a commitment to ongoing professional development, Mattias McAndrew leads our team with dedication, ensuring the delivery of high-quality care and fostering positive outcomes for individuals seeking relief from headaches and migraines


Mattias McAndrew boasts a robust academic background with six years dedicated to studying Physiotherapy and Human Movement Science at the university level. With over a decade of practical experience in exercise prescription, Mattias has honed his skills to provide comprehensive care.

Over the course of his career, Mattias has successfully guided numerous clients and patients toward a pain-free, active, and fulfilling life. He is dedicated to delivering the highest quality, evidence-based care, ensuring his patients receive optimal treatment. Recognising the dynamic nature of healthcare, Mattias prioritises ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest developments and advancements in the field, ultimately contributing to the best possible patient outcomes.



In Mattias’s view, uncovering the underlying cause is crucial for effectively alleviating his patients’ symptoms, steering clear of mere symptom masking through medications. His philosophy centres on a personalised understanding of each patient, employing a tailored treatment intervention following a comprehensive assessment process. Guided by this individualised approach, and aligned with the principles of the Watson Headache® Approach, Mattias consistently strives to bring about noticeable symptom improvement, often within the initial six treatment sessions.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy (honours)
  • Watson Headache® Practitioner
    • Level I Watson Headache® Foundation Course
    • Level II Watson Headache® Consolidation Course
  • Mulligan Concepts Practitioner
    • Part A ‘Mulligans Upper Quadrant Course’
    • Part B ‘Mulligans Lower Quadrant Course’
  • Dry Needling/ Acupuncture
  • Kinesiology Tape Provider
  • Diploma of Fitness (Fitness Therapist)
  • Ridgway Method Trained

Fun Facts about Mattias

In his early to mid-20s, he showcased his athleticism as a competitive martial artist on the international stage. Although he’s stepped away from rock climbing competitions, his enthusiasm for scaling heights remains. What truly fuels his passion is the allure of outdoor rock climbing, providing him the opportunity to explore breathtaking destinations rarely seen by most. These days, Mattias also enjoys riding motorcycles, and spending his time with his cocker spaniel.

Common Headaches Treated

The Assessment

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Accurately diagnose your condition for effective treatment

The Treatment

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Experience the latest treatment methods that are evidence-based

The Results

Phase 3

A life free from migraines or headaches is now proven possible

The Difference

Phase 4

A medication-free solution that treats the cause not the symptons

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