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Louise Odendaal

Louise Odendaal

Administrator– First Impression

Physiotherapy Student


Louise is one of our receptionists and particularly enjoys welcoming all the lovely people into the Sunnybank and Spring Hill clinics. Louise was born in South Africa and immigrated to Australia in 2004, where she has since completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science with a Class I Honours from UQ and is now completing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Griffith University. Louise has a keen eye for detail and particularly enjoys researching interesting topics.


Louise has worked in various clinical settings over the past 4 years.

While completing her Honours, Louise worked at QIMR Berghofer where she studied 3D stem cell models of Alzheimer’s disease and published an article with her team. Louise then moved on to become a Cytogenetics Scientist at QML where she analysed patient chromosomes to detect abnormalities. Louise wanted to work more closely with patients and decided to study Physiotherapy while working as a Dental Assistant on the weekends. Louise’s scientific background and clinical experience have equipped her with an empathetic nature and a drive to help patients at the BHMC clinic.


Louise plays a crucial role by working alongside our other receptionists to ensure all patient needs are attended to with the upmost efficiency and the clinic is kept clean and tidy. Louise plays a part in assisting with banking, scheduling appointments, answering phone calls and general housekeeping duties. Louise is especially creative with both words and graphic designs and enjoys making her coworkers smile.

Fun Facts About Louise

Louise is known for her quirky sense of humour and little cartoons often adorning the frames of unattended computers. She loves dreaming about her future on a farm with precisely four chickens and a resident alpaca or as she likes to say “spitting giraffe sheep”. Louise loves nature and derives 75% of her energy from being outside and the other 25% from the copious amounts of coffee she may or may not have consumed by 12pm each day. In her spare time you can find her studying hard to become a Physiotherapist or cuddling up with her two furbabies Frankie and Nova.

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The Treatment

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A medication-free solution that treats the cause not the symptons

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