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Violette Nguyen

Violette Nguyen

Administrator– First Impression

Second Year Physiotherapy Student


Violette would describe herself simply by saying “The best things come in small packages.” She may not be large of stature, but she makes up for it with her big personality. Violette is known for her vibrant nature and ability to make patients feel at ease as they enter our clinic. Outside of work, Violette is currently studying Physiotherapy and aims to pursue Medicine in the future.


Violette brings experience from previous work in customer service; both in retail as well as a pharmaceutical assistant. This experience has equipped her well to serve patients in a medical setting. Violette is also studying Physiotherapy at Griffith University, which gives her insight as to how to help our patients and clinicians in their service.


Violette currently serves as one of our front of house administrators. This is a natural fit for her, as she is a intuitive communicator and easily connects with patients and makes them feel welcome. Violette also assists with her knowledge of technology and managing our administrative systems.

Fun Facts About Violette

Violette absolutely loves animals, particularly cats! She is a self professed crazy cat person, who was coincidentally born in the Year of the Cat according to the Vietnamese calendar!

Violette is a tech enthusiast and has been employed working with technology such as phones. However, on the other end of the spectrum, she is a crazy keen camper! She loves getting out under the stars in national parks and even dreams that she will be able to camp in many countries around the world some day!

Violette also loves cooking and eating! She is known to spend hours happily creating traditional Vietnamese dishes from scratch!

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