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Bertrand Doeuk

bertrand doeuk

Bertrand Doeuk

Cred. Mulligan Concepts Practitioner
Watson Headache® Certified Practitioner



Introducing Bertrand Doeuk, the esteemed Director and founder of the Australian Headache and Migraine Clinics, a distinguished leader in the provision of expert care for headache and migraine disorders.

Bertrand’s journey is a blend of experience gained from various hospitals and musculoskeletal clinics across Queensland. Fuelled by years of study and research, he has dedicated himself to helping those grappling with headaches and migraines. His commitment to excellence is not only a testament to his expertise but also a reflection of his genuine passion for helping patients achieve transformative results.


Bertrand proudly holds the designation of “Certified Practitioner” from the Watson Headache Institute, having completed Level III training. In this capacity, Bertrand not only showcases his expertise in managing headache and migraine disorders but also serves as a mentor and guide to fellow Watson practitioners. His proficiency forms a vital component of ongoing training and quality assurance for all Watson-trained practitioners associated with Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic.

Bertrand is also recognised as a “Certified Practitioner” of the Mulligan Concepts technique, augmenting his skill set with advanced manual therapy techniques that have proven beneficial for numerous patients on their journey to recovery from disabling ailments. Beyond his clinical work, Bertrand actively contributes to the facilitation and teaching of the Mulligan Concept Course, a program designed to support physiotherapists and allied health practitioners in effectively treating musculoskeletal injuries.

Bertrand’s commitment to excellence was recognised with his nomination for ‘Physiotherapy Excellence of the Year’ at the 2012 Quest Business Achiever Awards. Subsequently, his clinics received consecutive finalist nominations at the Australian Small Business Awards in 2016 and 2017, recognising their positive contributions to the health industry.

In 2016, Bertrand was honoured as the Multicultural Young Business Person of the Year by Lord Mayor Graeme Quirk, acknowledging his clinic’s outstanding services in managing chronic headaches and migraines within the community. The following year, Bertrand achieved Australian Finalist status in the HESTA Primary Healthcare Awards, recognising his dedication and professionalism as a primary healthcare provider in Australia.

In 2018, Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic secured a finalist nomination in the Optus National “Health Services Business of the Year” category.

Most recently, in 2022, Bertrand earned a respected position as a finalist in the Australian Allied Health Awards, solidifying his place among the top 5 Allied Health Practitioners nationally. These accolades highlight Bertrand’s ongoing commitment to excellence and his esteemed position in the fields of allied health and headache management.


Bertrand’s success in effectively addressing headaches and migraines stems from his extensive knowledge and experience in the field. Central to his approach is a belief in the paramount importance of thoroughly understanding each patient, their condition, and identifying the root cause of their headaches and migraines prior to initiating any treatment intervention.

A comprehensive assessment protocol is a fundamental step for every patient during their initial consultation before the commencement of treatment. These protocols, procedures, and treatments adhere to the Watson Headache® Approach, ensuring a methodical and tailored approach to each individual’s unique circumstances.

By implementing this approach, Bertrand consistently achieves notable results, marked by a significant improvement in bodily dysfunction within the first 5 treatment consultations. This targeted strategy is designed to facilitate a swift and effective path to recovery for every patient. At the core of Bertrand’s methodology lies the seamless integration of assessment, treatment, and results, reflecting his commitment to providing optimal care and facilitating positive outcomes for those seeking relief from headaches and migraines.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy
  • Certificate in Spinal Manual Therapy
  • Watson Headache® Certified Practitioner
    • Level 1 Watson Headache® Foundation Course
    • Level 2 Watson Headache® Consolidation Course
    • Level 3 Watson Headache® Certification Course
  • Credentialed Mulligan Concepts Practitioner
    • Part A to C ‘Mulligans Advance Course’
    • Certified Mulligan Practitioner course
  • Ridgway Method Trained
  • Dry Needling/ Acupuncture
  • Clinical Rehabilitation Pilates Instructor


Fun Facts About Bertrand

In his leisure time, Bertrand finds joy in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle through regular attendance at crossfit classes. As a dedicated member of F-club (Fight for Fitness Club), he consistently engages in training sessions throughout the week to stay fit and energized.

In a previous chapter of his life, Bertrand pursued a career as an actor, showcasing his talent in national and international movies like ‘Daybreakers,’ ‘Crooked Business,’ and ‘Dartworth.’ However, driven by a deep-seated passion for treating and addressing the root cause of headaches and migraines, he made a deliberate decision to step back from acting.

Bertrand’s transition from the world of acting to his current role as a headache and migraine specialist underscores his commitment to making a meaningful impact on the well-being of individuals. His multifaceted background adds a unique dimension to his approach, combining a passion for wellness with a history of creative expression.

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