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I Suffer From Headaches

Suffering From Frequent Headaches?

Are you a long-term headache sufferer? Have headaches affected your quality of life? Are you looking for a treatment that is fast and effective and could mean you are headache-free? There is a solution to combat chronic headaches and migraines and it does not entail medication or surgical intervention.

Understanding Their Differences

What Are Headaches?

Headaches are a condition that can negatively impact the life of a sufferer. It is a condition with a range of neurobiological disorders that typically affects adults aged 20 – 50 years, however can also affect children and the elderly. There are approximately 300 different types of headache diagnosis. Hence, it is important that your headache is correctly diagnosed in order to receive the appropriate treatment.

Tension-type headache and migraines are the most common headache disorder and have the greatest impact on the public health. Both headache conditions have been ranked the third highest causes of disability in the world 1. The prevalence of migraine alone is 14.7% worldwide2.That is around 1 in 7 people, which is more common than diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined 3. In Australia alone there are seven million tension-type headache sufferers, and 4.9 million migraine sufferers 4,5. According to Migraine and Headache Australia Organisation, 4 out of 5 Australians have suffered from migraines or headaches in the past year. This disorder is directly and indirectly costing Australia $35.7 billion per annum4.

If you suffer from headaches, it is important that you seek expert advice in order to receive the correct diagnosis.

Headache Types Can Include

Chronic Daily Headache

Cervicogenic Headache

Cluster Headache

Tension Type Headache

Hormonal Headache

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Whiplash Headache

Sinus Headache

Occipital Neuralgia

Symptoms You May Experience

How To Define Your Headache

  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Upset stomach
  • Sensitive to light, sound or smell
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Poor memory
  • Disturbed concentration
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty sleeping

About The Assessment Stage

What To Expect During The Assessment

1. Comprehensive and in-depth examination

We instigate an in-depth assessment to identify all possible related factors that could be causing your headaches or migraines. The upper cervical spine, in particular, is thoroughly examined to identify possible issues.

2. Ligamental stability and vertebral arterial tests

We undertake careful examination of neck ligaments and vertebral arteries, ensuring only the highest standards of patient safety and comfort.

3. Temporarily reproduce your headache and migraine symptoms

As a part of the treatment process, we apply gentle and selective stress to the upper cervical spine in order to reproduce headache symptoms, which subside after 20-30 seconds. This helps to identify and treat the cause of your headaches.

Common Headache Types

What is Cervicogenic Headache?

Cervicogenic Headache is classed as a secondary headache, as the symptoms arise from the upper cervical spine. Dysfunctions or injury to structures in the neck, like discs and joints, are able to produce pain in the head through their connection to the brainstem via afferent nerves. As this information reaches the brainstem it converges with information from the head and face. It is this miscommunication of information that causes cervicogenic headache.

Pain is often unilateral, and associated with pain or stiffness in the neck. People who experience cervicogenic headache may also experience; nausea, vomiting, dizziness and tinnitus. Treatment is usually focused around addressing the cervical spine dysfunctions, but may ignore the brainstem altogether.

What is Chronic Daily Headache?

Chronic Daily Headache is the most common headache type affecting between 30-80% of the Brisbane population. There are four common types of Chronic Daily Headaches. These include Chronic Tension-Type Headache, New Daily Persistent Headache, Chronic Migraine and Hemicrania Continua. In most cases these headaches are a result of a problematic upper cervical spine.

Symptoms can range from mild to moderate, and can induce headaches similar to Tension Type Headaches or Migraines anywhere in the head, neck or face region.

Learn more on the differences between the four common Chronic Daily Headache Types, and what can be done by those suffering from these persistent headaches. Imagine living a life free from headaches and migraines and saying goodbye to medications!

What is Cluster Headache?

While Cluster headaches are very rare, affecting only 0.1% of the population, they are frequently described as the most severe and debilitating headache type. Cluster headaches often occur in cycles, with attacks occurring at regular times at night, or like clock-work during the day. Attacks are very intense and can last up to 3 hours before settling. Sufferers will often experience this pattern for long periods of time, before experiencing periods of remission with no attacks at all.

Pain is often unilateral, severe and local to a small area of the head. Associated symptoms include; a blocked or runny nose, red or watery eyes and droopy eyelids. Because of the severe and debilitating nature of these headaches, they are often referred to as “suicide headaches”.

What is Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome?

The main presentation of Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) is episodes of severe vomiting followed most often by complete symptom-free periods, hence the cyclical nature of the disorder. However, occasionally sufferers may experience mild symptoms in between. The episodes can last anywhere from 1 hour up to 10 days. Within each episode, the sufferer will vomit at least 4 times per hour, and an attack can last 1 hour-10 days, which can often lead to severe dehydration. Notably, the episodes present similarly in terms of duration, time of onset, intensity and type of symptoms as well. CVS is more common in children, with children ages 3-7 most affected. Some cases of CVS can occur in adults as well.

What is Hormonal Headache?

Approximately 60% of female migraine sufferers experience their symptoms during their menstrual cycle, and for 14%, this is the only time that they get their symptoms. As with other migraine types, symptoms are often moderate-severe, unilateral and can include; nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light, sound and smell.

Modern research has shown that people who experience hormonal migraines, have no difference in their hormone levels when compared to people who don’t experience them. Furthermore, there seems to be no change in symptoms when they are treated with Hormone Replacement Therapy or the contraceptive pill.

What is Occipital Neuralgia?

Originating in the brainstem, in the upper cervical spine, the occipital nerve supplies a large part of the skull and parts of the face. For various reasons, branches of the occipital nerve can become compressed or irritated, causing considerable pain along their distribution. This is called Occipital Neuralgia. Typically, the occipital nerve can become affected by surrounding structures, like; aberrant blood vessels, osteophytes surrounding cervical joints or growths like carcinomas.

Symptoms of Occipital Neuralgia include; a unilateral, piercing pain along occipital branch distributions, skin sensitivity to very light touch, pain behind the eyes and nausea.

Often the patients we see will not have any known cause for their symptoms, learn more about Occipital Neuralgia and a modern treatment technique that may work for you!

What is Sinus Headache?

Your sinuses are a series of cavities located behind your nose, eyes and cheeks. Their main purpose is to provide airflow and to aid in clearing out pathogens by draining mucous. Inflammation of the sinuses can cause an over production of mucous, and often happens as a reaction to a pathogen in the body, like; dust or pollen. As this reaction occurs, the increase in pressure can be felt as a headache, or pain in the face.

Symptoms of sinus headache are often felt bilaterally, and they will often be experienced along with; a runny or blocked nose, watery eyes and pressure felt in the sinuses.

In cases where sinusitis, and the resulting headache, is caused by little or no pathogen involvement it is possible that a hyper-sensitive brainstem is the true cause of your symptoms.

What is Tension Type Headache?

According to the International Headache Society, Tension Type Headache is the most common type of primary headache, which accounts to almost 90% of all headache types. It has a lifetime prevalence worldwide ranging up to 78%.

Tension Type Headache is usually felt by a constant pressing, tightening and squeezing discomfort on both sides of the head. Sufferers normally describe their pain as if they were wearing a tight helmet, which can become tighter and tighter around their head. The pain intensity can range from mild to moderate and can last anywhere between 30 minutes and up to 7 days. Nausea or vomiting is not a feature of tension type headache however, sensitivity to light or sound can be.

What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Trigeminal Neuralgia is commonly described a sharp, shooting or stabbing pain that is experienced on one side of the face. This pain is often brough on by very light touch around the face, or by mundane activities, like; chewing, brushing your teeth or even speaking. Due to the low threshold for Trigeminal Neuralgia to be aggravated, symptoms can occur up to 50 times per day.

Classical Trigeminal Neuralgia refers to the compression of the trigeminal nerve roots from blood vessels. Secondary trigeminal neuralgia refers to pain that is caused by another condition, such as; multiple sclerosis, tumours or other growths. However, a lot of the patients we see do not have a known cause, and are classified as Idiopathic Trigeminal Neuralgia.

What is Whiplash Headache?

Whiplash is an injury that is commonly sustained by people in car accidents, or as part of sporting and diving injuries. It is classically a deceleration injury that will strain the joints, muscles, ligaments and discs in the spine. Whiplash can be complex due to the high-velocity at which it occurs, and the wide area of the body that can be affected. Headaches are a common symptom of a whiplash injury, primarily due to dysfunction caused to the upper cervical spine.

Whiplash can cause many different types of headache, including; cervicogenic headache, migraines and tension-type headaches, but can also be categorised by the length of time suffered. ‘Acute whiplash headaches’ refer to headaches or migraines that start within 3 months of the injury occurring, and ‘persistent whiplash headaches’ are headaches or migraines that last for longer than 3 months.

Treatment should be targeted at addressing the underlying cause.

Why Clients Come To Us

Our Prevent Headaches4Life Plan

We only treat those headache and migraine sufferers who have gone through our unique assessment procedure, and who we determine are suitable for treatment – approximately 85-90% of those we assess. This approach ascertains a high likelihood of success.

Your first 6 session is all that it takes to notice a significant change towards you headache and migraine condition regardless of whether you have suffered from +20 years of chronic headaches and migraines, or whether an acute condition has recently developed.

Tools for managing migraines.

What our clients have said

I've had a great experience being treated by Dominic. I was recently diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia and my symptoms have now massively reduced. The care and... education I have received have been excellent. All staff have been welcoming and very lovely to deal with since my first appointment. I highly recommend Brisbane Headache and Migraine more
Emma Zonca
Emma Zonca
I've been receiving treatment from Mattias for a little over two months now and I cannot recommend this practice enough!!!I have been struggling with Migraine headaches... and terrifying aura symptoms for 10+ years and have tried absolutely everything (from medications, diets, all sorts of treatments and multiple specialist/neurologist appointments) in order to eliminate, ease or simply manage the pain.Thank you to Mattias and the wonderful team at Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic for listening to my struggles with pain, understanding my issues, applying the right treatment that my body was receptive to...and most importantly.... they gave me a free jar of mints! What a DEAL!10/10 more
Ebony Smith
Ebony Smith
2 months ago debilitating migraines were driving me crazy - and I finally snapped and called this clinic after 3 years of spending most of my spare time just resting and... re-habbing my head and neck between work. I started treatments with Dominic immediately. And I am amazed to report that I haven't had a migraine since! I wish I had done it years earlier.Dominic is pleasant, thorough, very knowledgeable and holistic in his advice, picking up on things which seem unrelated but were likely contributing to my headaches - and explains everything every step of the way. I can't recommend him highly more
Cassandra Guse
Cassandra Guse
I have only been seeing Dominic from Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic for three weeks, but the change in my migraines has been dramatic. I have struggled with... chronic migraines for over 20 years and I did not find daily medication helpful in controlling them. I wish I had known about Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic sooner as this has been a life-changing more
Laura O'hearn
Laura O'hearn
There could not be too much praise for the services and results produced at this Centre .I was suffering clusters of migraines and other neck pain. Went to Doctor, more... medication!Decided there has to be a better way.Googled the Headache and Migraine Centre, met with Mattias, and Helen , a few visits and the relief wassignificant . Small business could take a lesson from their efficiency as well,Admin staff are all over everything, helping you to make appointment times that suit you.If you had or having similar issues to mine..........Just go there .read more
Paul Hewitt
Paul Hewitt
Special thanks to Dominic for treating me at the Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic. I have had roughly 11 sessions at the clinic and have been headache & migraine... free for two weeks today. This may not seem very long, but it is for someone who experiences an attack every second day. My treatment is still ongoing, but the results are already promising.I also have to mention that Dominic was the first specialist to notice that my C2-C3 cervical vertebrae were rotated/disturbed and recommended that we realign the vertebrae and desensitise my brain stem. This was a relief as specialists in the past have diagnosed me with anything from ethmoid sinusitis and occipital neuralgia to labelling it as “psychosomatic“.I would highly recommend anyone suffering from migraines/headaches to arrange a consultation with more
Chimorne Bekker
Chimorne Bekker
After about 5 weeks of constant headaches, in complete desperation I contacted BHMC and within 4 sessions with Mathias, my headaches significantly reduced in severity... and duration. Highly recommended!read more
Megan Tilley
Megan Tilley
I would highly recommend Dr. Dominic who treats my migraine issue i have suffered for more than 20 years. The receptionist Helen is kindly and helpful. Nice and... professional people hereread more
Leo Tang
Leo Tang
When I first booked an appointment with BHMC I was skeptical; I was in an accident a year before and suffered chronic migraines every other day. I had been told that... medication was the only way to manage them until I found Mattias who explained what I had suspected and that the migraines could be managed by therapy on the neck. After seeing Mattias for a couple months I have found huge relief from the constant severe migraines. I still get them every now and then but no where near as often as before. They’re also less intense with lower durations. Mattias is super professional, friendly and keen to help where he can. He was always happy to talk through different aspects of my pain even when I’d speculate about why I’m feeling different things (as is chronic pain sufferers do). Thank you BHMC and thank you Mattias. I’ve been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel more
Jordan Hardy
Jordan Hardy
Absolutely 110% highly recommend Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic!!! I have been to many different specialists and trying all sort of different medication and was... taking aspirin with panadal pretty much every day. I have been experiencing horrible headaches and all these sharp bee sting pains in and around the eyes with electric shocks around the face. I have also experienced not so pleasant neurologists who were quite rude and didn't seem to care. Doing my research, I came across these guys and the lovely Helen was such a delight over the phone and felt very welcomed. She is beautiful inside and out. I had fantastic experience with Mattias and really took the time and explained everything. Not only is he very knowledgeable and professional, but was very kind. I no longer rely on medication and can wear my favourite scents as they used to trigger pain within seconds.I will miss them as I am moving interstate but will come see them if I'm up this way.Do yourself a favour and checks these guys out :)read more
Brea Dennis
Brea Dennis
I have been attending this wonderful services for approximately 3 weeks now. Mattias has been providing treatment for "Cervicogenic Vertigo". After my 1st session I... noticed significant improvement, something that no other health professional has been able to do for the past 3 plus years, I have seen separate neurologists, acupuncturist, equilibrium physiotherapist, many GP's, have been send to many head scans, have had cold and warm air in my ears, I have seen a ear, nose and throat specialist and everyone had failed to do what Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic did from the very first session, it is still early days to my recovery but I am very grateful for the treatment that I have so far received from Mattias and the team, I have been able to do simple things that in the past 3 years was impossible, otherwise I would have been very unwell and completely written off. I would highly recommend seeking treatment from Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic, I was wrongly diagnosed a number of times, given lots of medication and I am very much looking forward and hopefully one day with the assistance of Mattias moving forward in my more
Rodrigo Villanueva
Rodrigo Villanueva
After way too many years of dealing with migraines and shoulder pain, I decided it was appropriate to go and seek another type of natural pain treatment to eliminate my... pain and medication altogether - which is exactly the outcome I have received! I started seeing Ariel for my chronic migraine treatment 2 months ago and during this time my neck and shoulder are feeling great and my migraines are basically a thing of the past (If you suffer with migraines, this relief is life changing!) Ariel was able to assess me and explain her findings very simply- yet professionally! She is dedicated and takes care and time to treat and know her patients. The reception staff are lovely and efficient and the clinic is run very promptly! I will continue to visit Ariel for treatment indefinitely and highly recommend visiting this clinic if you are experiencing severe pain and would like a chance at treating it effectively!read more
Monique Finlayson
Monique Finlayson
Bertrand provides a unique service like no other. I’ve had every headache treatment there is but there has only ever been 1-2 types of treatments that have provided... positive results. The less evasive treatment that Bertrand applies results in very fast results that last. Would highly recommend this service for anyone with chronic headaches. Bertrand’s alway friendly & welcoming which makes all appointments more
Jeff Patterson
Jeff Patterson
Bertrand is nothing but AMAZING! I suffered from Vestibular Migraine with strong vertigo symptoms and daily dizziness for 15 years before finding Bertrand. Proper... diagnosis and treatment from him has given me the most relief ever, I am medication free, and haven’t had severe vertigo since starting treatment. I am not struggling at work like I used to and I am getting my social life back. And can even have a few alcoholic drinks on a Friday night without it bringing on an attack. I train at the gym with no fatigue for days afterwards anymore. I have my life back thanks to Bertrand. Thank you so much, what you do is fantastic. The entire team from front office staff to Bertrand are friendly and more
Kelly Anne
Kelly Anne
I have been suffering from haemoplegic migraines for 50 years.Since living in Brisbane I've discovered the Migraine Clinic and Bertrand Doeuk. What a wonderful man. He... started by manipulating my neck, hurt like hell but he was so gentle with soothing music playing in the background. He got me to stand straight improving my posture and before long I was standing inches taller. I go regularly and do daily exercises.Bertrand and his team are very approachable and professional, and after 50 years he is giving me and my family my life back. Thank more
Jenny Tate
Jenny Tate
I went to see Bertrand at Brisbane Headache and Migraine clinic after 9 months of suffering with debilitating vertigo due to Vestibular Migraine. When I first saw... Bertrand I couldn’t do simple daily tasks like going to the shops, unstacking the dishwasher or going for a walk due to the unsteadiness and dizziness from the vertigo. Now I can do all of those things, and have even been riding a bike and surfing. Bertrand is so professional, knowledgeable as well as being extremely caring, and is the definitely the person to see if you get migraines!read more
Tanya Winter
Tanya Winter
I was a chronic migraine sufferer for a long time, sometimes getting two in a week and often every week. These greatly inhibited my ability to live a normal, functioning... life. I had tried all sorts of medications and, by the time I found the Headache and Migraine Clinic, I was quite desperate. After only about 6 sessions with Bertrand all headaches had stopped and I have lived for 4 years without experiencing a single migraine.Recently I have had a couple of migraines and so have returned to the clinic. I have complete confidence that the results will be the same as before. I cannot recommend this practice more more
alice clarke
alice clarke
I have had migraines for the last 23 years, some bad enough to lose my sight temporarily. I tried many types of massages, physio's and chiropractors but only got... temporary relief. After seeing Bertrand for 3 months and doing upper neck migraine treatment I haven't had a migraine since, even 6 months after finishing treatment. Bertrand is a friendly guy who genuinely cares about me as a patient and is happy to explain anything about treatment I'm curious about, and knows his speciality very well. His methods are researched and verifiable, and I recommend anyone who suffers from migraines go see more
Patrick Davey
Patrick Davey
I've been seeing Ariel for just over a couple months now and i have found this treatment to be working for me. Ariel is such a wonderful lady and always makes me feel... welcome and comfortable. I highly recommend her and the more
Petah Jensen
Petah Jensen
For 8 years I have suffered from constant symptoms relating to vestibular migraine (as diagnosed by a specialist). For the last two years my symptoms were so severe I... was unable to leave my home at all.Since commencing treatment with Bertrand at Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic two months ago, the severity of my symptoms has drastically reduced. I am now at a level of functionality where I can enjoy some recreational time with my family outside of home. As I continue with my treatment plan I am optimistic I will soon have the capacity to return to full time employment.I strongly recommend anyone suffering from symptoms of migraine to consult with Bertrand at Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic as a first course of action.Bertrand himself is a friendly and knowledgeable professional and I am greatly appreciative of his efforts and expertise in treating my condition. Admin staff at the Pinelands clinic are warm and welcoming which is also bonus!read more
Alex Envr
Alex Envr
After 15 years of regular debilitating migraines and many attempts to get on top of them, I finally found Ariel at the Brisbane Headache and Migraine Centre. Within just... a few months, Ariel's expertise and guidance made all the difference and I'm delighted to say I'm now migraine free. Thank you so much Ariel, I'm forever grateful! The reception staff, who are always friendly and efficient, also deserve special mention. I can't recommend the centre enough (where's the six star option Google?).read more
Andrew Bozin
Andrew Bozin
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