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A Comprehensive Approach

The Treatment

Tired of taking endless amounts of medication? Not sure what form of treatment is best for your condition? Most headache and migraine sufferers are mis-diagnosed and mis-treated. Experience a revolutionary treatment like no other that is evidenced-based, medication-free, surgical-free and non-invasive.

Experience A Medication-Free Treatment

Treating The 3 Main Systems

3 areas of your body are thoroughly investigated to ensure you receive the correct treatment for your condition. Your brainstem is evaluated to determine whether it is overactive, and causing pain signals to travel into the head. Your neck is then thoroughly assessed, as it is the gateway between your brain and body. When affected it can be responsible in an overactive brainstem to transmit pain into the head. Your body is also assessed to see whether it is hypersensitive to certain triggers, which could result in a headache or migraine attack.

Is Your Neck The Contributing Factor

Treating The Cause

If your brainstem has been deemed to be the cause, you can expect certain treatment options to the upper cervical spine of the neck. Rest assure there is no ‘cracking’ or ‘clunking’ of the neck. Instead a smooth approach with gentle and selective stress to specific vertebrae of the neck is performed. This is implemented in order to de-sensitise an overactive brainstem that could be contributing to your condition. This approach is done in order to effectively manage headache and migraine conditions to achieve results in the shortest amount of time.

The latest research and evidence pioneered by Dean Watson, founder and director of Watson Headache® Institute, and renowned internationally, has revealed specific segments of the upper cervical spine to be the primary contributing factor to all headache and migraine types. Here at the Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic™, we ensure we follow this philosophy of treatment based on the latest research to obtain results.

Targeting Secondary Factors

Addressing Other Contributing Factors

All other factors that could be contributing to your condition are also assessed. We implement a holistic approach by addressing everything you do on a daily basis, and advise on strategies to prevent you from triggering an attack.

You will also be shown how to correct your postural alignment, and will be given specific prevention exercises to perform between your consultations to achieve maximum results.

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