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Maiya Lloyd

Maiya Lloyd

Administration Coordinator– First Impression


Maiya is one of our many enthusiastic admins here at BHMC. The optimism and drive she brings to our team is pivotal. Maiya will never fail to make you feel welcome when you first enter our clinic and will strive to help you in all aspects. Maiya’s best attributes are her natural empathy and fast paced ambition to get things done.


Maiya is a natural people person. She has had over 5 years experience in different working fields such as hospitality, administration and retail. These diverse roles have quipped her with skills and experience that translates to our service. Maiya has a growth mindset and is committed to continual learning, in order to provide the best customer service she possibly can.


Maiya is currently one of our front of house administrators, taking care of each of our patients. Other key roles are to administrative duties and systems are to run smoothly and efficiently. She assists the business to ensure a high quality of care for all patients who enter our doors, and those who enquire about our services via phone or email.

Fun Facts About Maiya

When Maiya is out of the clinic you will normally catch her out exploring, whether she be on a beach, on an island or even walking her dogs down by the water.
Maiya has had a strong love for Basketball her whole life and absolutely adores any family time she can get. However, Maiya will take up any opportunity for a movie marathon inside!

Common Headaches Treated

The Assessment

Phase 1

Accurately diagnose your condition for effective treatment

The Treatment

Phase 2

Experience the latest treatment methods that are evidence-based

The Results

Phase 3

A life free from migraines or headaches is now proven possible

The Difference

Phase 4

A medication-free solution that treats the cause not the symptons

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