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Darcy Jorgensen

Darcy Jorgensen

D.Phty, B.ExSc (ExPhys)APAM,
Trained Watson Headache® Practitioner


Darcy Jorgensen is one of our associate clinicians at the Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic. Known for his laid back and friendly demeanour, Darcy strives to build long-lasting professional relationships with his clients. Darcy is passionate about understanding your condition in depth, to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.


After completing a Bachelors of Clinical Exercise Physiology at the University of Queensland, Darcy continued his study at Bond University, attaining his Doctor in Physiotherapy. Since completing his studies, he has sought out experience in a variety of different health settings, including private practice, community rehabilitation and the NDIS. As a result, Darcy has amassed a wide array of skills working as a Physiotherapist.

Whilst at University, Darcy had the opportunity to observe a practitioner employing the Watson Headache Technique. The unique approach and the profound results it produced immediately piqued Darcy’s interest, sparking his ongoing fascination with the management of headaches and migraines. Soon after graduation he went on to complete the Watson Headache Level 1 Foundation Course and has been helping his patients live headache-free ever since.


Darcy has always been a strong advocate for the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, which he believes is the cornerstone of all facets of wellbeing. Darcy carries this passion with him into the treatment room, where he utilises the therapeutic relationship between patient and practitioner to isolate the problem and set achievable goals that will improve their overall quality of life.


  • Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours)

  • Doctor of Physiotherapy

  • Watson Headache Practitioner

    • Level 1 Watson Headache Foundation Course

Fun Facts About Darcy

Darcy’s upbringing was quite unique. He was born in Brisbane but quickly began an adventure with his family, where he moved around three different countries, settling in eleven towns in total, before moving back to Brisbane in 2013 to further his tertiary education.

Currently, Darcy enjoys an active life with his two dogs (a Staffy and an Australian Koolie). He loves surfing and staying in shape by running, going to the gym and exploring the outdoors with his pups.


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