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Tracey Ly

Tracey Ly

Administrator – First Impression
Physiotherapy Student


Tracey is one of our wonderful administration staff, who kindly greets everyone who walks through the doors of our clinic with a big smile. Like many of our admin staff, Tracey is currently studying Physiotherapy and brings a keen interest into healthcare and meeting the needs of our patients. This insight equips her to answer questions from members of the public and find how we can best serve them.


Tracey brings a broader experience in customer service, including work in the optical field, which Tracey brings to the betterment of our entire team.  She is currently following her childhood dream of working in healthcare,  as Tracey is currently completing her tertiary studies at the University of Queensland, studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours). These years of study have given her many skills in communication with patients and how best to to help our clinicians offer a complete and premium service.


Tracey works at various locations, but is one of the key members at our Spring Hill Clinic. She will often be the person that greets our city clients at the door and connects with our clinicians to organise appointments, handle communications and correspondence with all parties. Tracey is an organised person and is known for her attention to detail in documentation.
As a physiotherapy student, Tracey values the experience she has gained working in a private healthcare setting and hopes to apply these throughout her career.

Fun Facts About Tracey

Tracey was born in Western Sydney and moved up to Brisbane when she was 2 years old.
She loves to travel and explore different countries, which is part of her bucket list after she graduates from her bachelor’s degree.
If you don’t see Tracey at the reception desk, she’ll likely be in search of new restaurants in Queensland for her food page or sipping on a cup of bubble tea.

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