Chronic Daily Headache

What is Chronic Daily Headache?

According to the International Headache Society, Chronic Daily Headache affects approximately 4.1% of the population. Of all headache and migraine sufferers, this condition affects anywhere between 30-80% of the Brisbane population.

Those suffering from this condition, present with constant daily headaches, or ‘almost daily headaches’, which is considered as having symptoms at least 15 days per month. The average headache duration lasts for a minimum of 4hours per day. Symptoms can range from mild to moderate and can induce headaches similar to Tension Type Headaches or Migraines anywhere in the head, neck or face region1,2. Chronic daily headache is known to be disabling due to the persistent nature of the ongoing pain and symptoms being felt on a daily basis. Those with this condition have extreme difficulty in concentrating due to the persistent symptoms.

What is the cause of Chronic Daily Headache Brisbane?

Through current research Chronic Daily Headache is a result of a problematic upper cervical spine, which is the upper neck region. Those with this condition have found to have the upper 3 cervical spine to be affected resulting in a SENSITISED BRAINSTEM as well as an up-regulated Trigemino-cervical nucleus (TCN)3. As a result, the sensitivity of the brainstem and TCN is now heightened which results in pain to be transmitted into the head via the trigeminal nerve. This referral pain is then perceived by patients as chronic daily headaches.

I've already tried everything. What else can be done to help Chronic Daily Headaches?

A lot of our patients say they have tried everything. A common issue our patients have found, is they still don't know what the cause of their chronic daily headache is, despite seeing multiple health practitioners. At the Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic™, we see countless amounts of patients with Chronic Daily Headaches and utilise world-class techniques in assessing and treating this problem. A thorough examination of the upper cervical spine is initiated to determine the severity of your SENSITISED BRAINSTEM. An important factor that a chronic daily headache sufferer would need to establish and rule out, is whether or not their symptoms are resulting from a hypersensitive brainstem. 

If your symptoms are coming from a sensitised brainstem, treatment can begin immediatley and you should expect a significant improvement to occur rapidly in 90% of our patients with Chronic Daily headache. We expect to observe this within the first 5 treatment consultation. We have treated countless of patients with Chronic Daily Headaches with significant results.

The best part about the treatment is being medication-free, surgery-free and invasive-free.

Imagine living a life free from headaches and migraines and saying goodbye to medications!

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