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If you have ever suffered from headaches, 95% of you would have experienced one of these 4 symptoms.

Tension Type Headache:

  • The most common type of headache
  • Pain affects both sides of the head equally
  • Other possible symptoms:
    • Sensitive to light, sound and smell
  • Pain scale: mild to moderate
  • Duration: 30mins to 7 days


  • The second most common type of headache
  • Pain is stronger on one side of the head
  • Other possible symptoms:
    • Nausea & vomiting, Aura, sensitive to light, sound, smell, neurological symptoms, speech disturbances
  • Pain Scale: Moderate to severe
  • Duration: 4 hours to 3 days

Sinus Headache

  • Pain located around the sinuses, around eyes, nose & teeth, forehead, cheeks
  • Other possible symptoms:
    • Usually associated with sinus infections
  • Pain scale: mild to moderate
  • Duration: 30mins to 7 days

Cluster Headache

  • Affects men three times more than females
  • Pain is only in one eye
  • Other possible symptoms:
    • Associated with a red and watery eye, runny/congested nose, swollen/dropping of the eyelid
  • Pain scale: Is of extreme level
    • Commonly known as suicide headache or ice pick headache
    • Females report it being worse than child birth

Diagnosing your headaches correctly is integral at stopping your headaches for good. Have you had your headaches diagnosed and treated?



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