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Chronic Daily Headaches Chronic daily headaches are headaches occurring for more than 15 days over the period of a month, which can be extremely debilitating and makes day to day life very challenging. What are Chronic Daily Headaches? The definition of chronic daily headache varies...
What is Triggering your Headache or Migraine?

What is Triggering your Headache or Migraine?

What are common triggers?Environmental FactorsDiet – Lack of food or missing a meal can contribute to a migraine attack due to low blood sugar levels. For some people, craving sugary snacks may be a sign that they are about to experience a migraine or headache...
Headache Related Neck and Shoulder Tightness

Headache Related Neck and Shoulder Tightness

 Neck and shoulder muscle tightness can be a large contributor to headache and migraine symptoms, meaning that it is imperative for this tightness to be addressed. What is muscle tightness? Muscle tightness is a common product of overuse or overactivity of the...
What are Medication Overuse Headaches? Medication overuse headaches (MOH) are commonly suffered, and often precede diagnosis of chronic headaches. What is a MOH? Medication overuse headaches are a chronic headache that usually develops from administering too much pain medication for an acute attack. Most...
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