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Another great successful case study

Another great successful case study

Migraines are usually located in the right eye and the base of the skull.
Her daily tension headaches are located in the forehead region andalso the base of the skull.

She suffers from Nausea and Vomiting, she becomes sensitive to light (Photophobia), and sound (Phonophobia). She also suffers from dizziness, light headedness and has difficulty focussing and concentrating. She also experiences aura symptoms with her migraines, whereby she has visual disturbances.

She suffers from tension type headache every single day which has gotten worse over the past 2 years.
Her migraines occur on average once every 3 weeks.

Previously her menstrual cycle would trigger her migraines. Currently she finds when she becomes stressed, or when she clenches her jaw that her migraines would occur.

She has tried numerous forms of treatment including physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, naturopath, myopathy, ENT and many different types of medications. She has had MRI scans of the brain and X-rays which reveal nothing abnormal.

Chronic Migraines
Daily Tension Type Headache

The primary cause of her headaches and migraines was found to be due to a disturbance in her brainstem. Her brainstem along with her trigeminal nerve was found to be hypersensitive. This was as a result of an issue along there upper three cervical spine whereby a disc disturbance was found between the second and third vertebrae. Her headache and migraine symptoms and pain were easily reproducible upon sustained pressure along the upper three cervical spine, indicating that her brainstem was at fault.

Treatment began in order to desensitise her brainstem. This was done by correcting her disc disturbance, then desensitising her trigeminal nerve through careful manual therapy of the upper three cervical spine.

By the second session her daily headaches were no longer daily and every second to third day.
By the third session her daily headaches stopped and was experiencing one headache every second week
By the sixth session her migraine attack cycle stopped from being every 3 weeks and went 8 weeks between a migraine attack.
She continues to undergo treatment and her headache and migraine frequency of attack continues to improve.

She currently reports that her life has improved dramatically. She no longer suffers from daily headaches which burdens her daily activities. She also feels amazed that she no longer requires daily neurofen plus. Previously she was taking on average 2-6 tablets every single day. She can focus and concentrate better at work, and her severe migraines are no longer affect her on a three weekly basis.

We wish this pleasant lady all the very best in her future endeavours and we look forward to seeing her continue to improve with a plan of resolving her headaches and migraines completely.

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