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If you need to lie down or are lacking concentration due to headaches or migraines, Book your appointment today
AVOIDING RED WINE, cheese, chocolate, or even caffeine? There are many types of food and drinks that headache sufferers avoid due to the threat of a migraine attack.

Knowing what type of food or drink to avoid can definitely help prevent a headache from occurring. There are simple ways to test if you are allergic to certain food elements, either by self trial and error, or getting an allergy test.

The question is, ‘will avoiding certain foods and drinks really help you stop your migraines?’ The answer is ‘NO’. If you are doing so you are only hiding and stopping the symptoms from occurring and not treating the cause of your headaches.

The latest research has found those with food allergies have a sensitive brainstem, resulting in the body being sensitive and allergic to certain food elements. Avoiding eating certain foods can help, but will not treat your headaches.

So, have you had your brainstem assessed and treated? Organise one now, so you can eat and drink all the divine food the world has to offer!