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An app to monitor your migraines

An app to monitor your migraines

Can an app predict your headaches and migraines?

It has become a growing trend to use big data collected by mobile applications for health purposes. ‘Migraine Buddy’ is a prime example of this with 200,000 users around the world. This free application created by Singaporean health data company is built based on the input from neurologists and neuroscientists.

This app uses a mixture of both passive and active data to predict migraines with 90% accuracy. The active data portion of the app includes: having users record each migraine they have, the pain intensity of their migraine, where the users were when their pain started, and any physical or mental symptoms before the pain started.

The passive data portion of this app however, is what makes this app unique for it requires no user input. It learns the users sleeping patterns based on the user’s phone habits and creates an automatic sleep diary. It also uses the phone’s location systems to file away information about the weather in the user’s current location (as changes in temperature and barometric pressure are triggers for many people).

This clever app can help users identify their triggers, see how well their medications are working, and even tell users when they might expect their next migraine once the app has been fed enough data.

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