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Migraine medication

Migraine medication


If you are facing a chronic headache, you might not be able to find the right medication for your headache. In fact, it is difficult to prevent migraines in advance and you can potentially relieve the pain after the migraine attack with some over-the-counter medicines mostly known as triptans.

However, there are quite a lot number of researches attempting to prevent migraine headaches or to stop once it has started. According to Science Magazine, drug companies are waiting for clinical experiments rather than counting on initial experiments that have showing promising results.

This has been said to be the most hopeful results so far according to researchers.

Despite the fact that Migraine has been first documented in 5th century, still there is no complete understanding of the physiological cause of migraine. However, researches show that there is a connection between migraine and neurotransmitter called calcitonin gene related peptide (CGRP). This CGRP, which communicates pain between neurons, is thought to be responsible for dilating blood vessels in the brain. This process is thought to be related to migraine. New drugs are made to block neurons via absorbing CGRP in the hope to stop or even prevent migraine.

In this regard, there have been astonishing outcomes experimented on individuals that show the total disappearance of migraine. However, initial trials from drug companies illustrate that, in some cases, this new medicine worked only on 15 percent of patients not to mention the side effect of liver damage.

However, scientists are counting on this medicine and even some of researchers hope to further help manage migraines. But still there are lots of questions remained unanswered including who is getting migraine and why! Despite the fact that this drug might not be the cure, scientists are on the right path to know how migraine works and find the final treatment either to prevent or stop it.

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