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Headache and migraine attacks are debilitating and can cause severe reductions in quality of life, even at work.

Some headache and migraine sufferers may find that their condition is looked down upon at work because their colleagues or employers may think that their condition is not significant enough to take sick leave. However, most with severe headaches and migraines will agree that they are unable to work due to significant loss of productivity from added symptoms such as aura (neurological symptoms as a result of migraines).

What are some ways to help me manage migraines at work?

Employers and colleagues can underestimate the severity of migraine symptoms for sufferers. Therefore it may be useful to educate them selectively on what they need to know about migraines so they can understand what you are going through.

There are also things you can do to help manage migraines at work:

  • Take breaks in between long hours of repetitive tasks such as using the computer
  • Make your work environment comfortable
  • Change positions frequently
  • Communicate with employers and colleagues about your condition and explain to them the necessity of taking work off
  • Ensure you have good lighting in your workplace
  • Limit background noise
  • Have adequate ventilation to reduce strong smells and scents
  • Stay hydrated

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