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Are you dependent on medications?

Migraines can cause severe disability. According to Headache Australia, we can expect that “nearly all migraine sufferers and 60% of those with tension-type headache experience reductions in social activities and work capacity“.

Sufferers of migraines often take pain medication in the hopes of decreasing their symptoms. However, this can be quite costly when the symptoms don’t seem to “go away”. Approximately $9.88 million was spent on medications alone for migraines in 1989-1990, based on a study conducted by the University of New South Wales.

Aside from the expenses on medication, taking analgesics too frequently may increase the risk of developing Medication Overuse Headaches (MOH).

It has been shown that taking medication more than 2-3 times per week can put you at the risk of developing MOH.

Help is available! 

Here at the Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic, our headache expert deal with acute and chronic headaches and migraines.  

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