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While new research on the causes of headaches and migraines have been released in the past three years, some people are still reading the wrong facts and being misled and misinformed by practitioners. here are the simple Facts:

  • Migraines are NOT a vascular disorder. Medication such as triptans may help the pain but not treat the problem.
  • Medication Overuse headaches are real. Ingesting medication will increase both frequency and intensity of headaches in the long term.
  • Menstrual Migraines are NOT due to a hormonal imbalance in the body. hence, medications to suppress or heighten hormonal levels are ineffective.
  • Tension headaches are NOT due to tension in the scalp muscles. hence massage, acupuncture or cosmetic injections are only treating the symptoms, not the cause.
  • headaches and migraines are curable if you are in the safe hands of a specialised expert. Contact Bertrand Doeuk for further information and tailored treatment advice for your headache or migraine symptoms. The Brisbane headache & Migraine clinic 1800 headache (1800 4323 2243)

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