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Migraine doubling your risk of stroke

Migraine doubling your risk of stroke


New studies have revealed that people suffering from Migraine with Aura are more likely to have strokes than those suffering from Migraine without Aura.

In this 25 year ongoing study, researches studied 13,000 adults aged between 45-64. They revealed that 817 participants had ischemic strokes whereby a clot had formed in the blood vessels, cutting off the blood flow to the brain cells.

Researches also revealed the following when comparing those with migraine aura, and those without aura:
-Migraine with aura sufferers are 2.4 times more likely to suffer from an ischemic stroke.
-Migraine with aura sufferers are 3 times more likely to have an ischemic stroke resulted by either a clot or a mass that has been dislodged from the heart and travels to the brain (cardio-emoblic stroke).
-Migraine with aura sufferers are 2 times more likely to have an ischemic stroke caused by a clot that is caused by a clogged artery supplying the brain (thrombotic stroke).

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Souvik Sen, MD, MPH, study author and a neurologist at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Columbia, SC, advises to make sure you are screened and assessed by your doctor for stroke risk factors if you suffer from migraines with aura. Stroke risk factors include the followings;
-Migraine with aura
-High blood pressure
-High cholesterol
Treating the above risk factors can greatly decrease the risk of developing strokes.
Dr. Sen advises those sufferers with migraines and a stroke need to be screened for hardening of blood vessels and irregular heartbeat. These are the to factors linked to the mechanism that causes thromobotic ischemic and cardio-embolic strokes.

Migraine symptoms can mimic stroke like symptoms. Do you know whether your symptoms are directly related to your migraines or could it be signs of a stroke.

Stroke symptoms are as follow:
1. Sudden weakness or numbness in the face, arm, or leg, usually on one side of the body,
2. Difficulty in speaking or understanding language,
3. Altered vision (poor acuity or blurriness),
4. Sudden severe headache, and/or
5. Unexplained balance loss or dizziness.

Unfortunately these symptoms can be similar or identical to migraine like symptoms.

If you have never experienced a headache or migraine attack, and you suddenly experience the above 5 symptoms, we recommend you call 000 and seek urgent help.

If you have been a long term migraine sufferer and often experience these usual symptoms, chances are you are most likely suffering from yet another migraine attack. We would however, encourage you to seek your doctor to assess the risk of developing strokes and to treat the underlying risk factors before it’s too late.

If you experience these migraine like symptoms, however one day an attack feels unusual and completely different compared to your normal migraine symptoms, we advise you seek urgent help to rule out the possibility of a stroke attack.
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