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Channel 9 News Revolutionary Migraine treatment at Brisbane Headache and migraine Clinic  Bertrand Doeuk from The Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic was interviewed by Channel 9 News about a new revolutionary headache and migraine treatment, that is giving fresh new hope for chronic headache and migraines sufferers in Brisbane.

The Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic have indicated they are one step closer to finding the cause of headaches and migraines. This suggests that there is suitable treatment that can now target the root cause of the problem for sufferers in Brisbane, rather than masking the pain by popping medications.

Research has shown that the primary cause of headaches and migraines is due to an overactive and hypersensitive brainstem. Along with a sensitised trigeminal cervical nucleus, the hypersensitive brainstem transmits pain, which travels into the head, whereby sufferers will perceive this as either migraine type pain, or even tension headache type pain.

A hypersensitive brainstem can also create other symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, photophobia (sensitive to light), misophonia (sensitive to sound), osmophobia (sensitive to smell), aura (visual disturbances), neurological disorders (such as pins and needles/numbness and even paralysis throughout the body).

Migraine affects approximately 2 millions sufferers in Australia, and is directly and indirectly costing the Australian economy $1billion per annum. Migraine and headaches is also ranked the third highest cause of disability worldwide, following lower back pain and major depression.

A revolutionary treatment by desensitising the brainstem is now available and is giving migraine sufferers in Brisbane fresh new hope to either significantly reduce if not stop migraines.

Reporter, Sam Cucciara from Channel 9 News interviewed Bertrand Doeuk regarding this headache and migraine treatment approach. Click on the picture above to view the full report coverage.

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