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Sometimes migraines can be felt so severe, we may justifiably wonder…

“This pain is so bad, could this kill me?”

“Something must be wrong with my brain, could I die?”

Certainly, if you are experiencing migraines, you should seek medical advice and undergo screening to rule out any dangerous condition, including a tumor (even benign can be problematic when closed inside the skull), a clot on the brain or even an infection.

However, for most Migraineurs, they do their own diagnosis and they always fear that bad thing will happened to them. But mostly, migraines are never deadly. So, getting back to our original questions, migraines are mostly a symptom only and do not result to death. Despite how severe they can be, it cannot be the primary cause of death.

Some studies have established some links between migraines and other potential fatal conditions. In 2016, a meta analysis taking in over 1.1 million migraine sufferers found that there is an increased long term risk of stroke (ischaemic and possibly haemorrhagic) as well as heart attack (myocardial infarction). Some studies also found this risk to be increased in those who suffer migraine with aura. There are many theories about this case, but there are still no conclusions to be made.

If you are a migraine sufferer, there are two things we can take from this data.

  1. Migraines have never directly killed anyone.
  2. You need to be proactive with your health, to offset the increased risk of other diseases.

One of the best ways you can be proactive is to seek professional help for your migraine.

Defeating this disabling condition will allow you to live fully; stay active, mentally relaxed, and happy.

The Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic specialises in drug free, non invasive treatment of migraines. Please contact us, for an expert assessment and treatment of your migraine, so you can experience the difference!

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