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Researchers at the University of Auckland have found a potential gene which causes migraine attacks.

These researchers are attempting to create a new class of medication to help inhibit the CGRP receptors from inducing migraines. They believe this gene is held responsible in causing migraines.

Currently migraines affect 15% of the population, which is estimated to be around 1 billion people world wide. Migraine can be crippling to the point that sufferers are bed-bound and unable to function appropriately. Migraine can destroy lives, and have stopped people from working, relationships have fallen because of it’s effect, and those sufferers have their lives controlled by their own migraines.

Could this study be a new breakthrough in migraine treatment? Or could this be yet another migraine medication that only masks the migraine pain. To date, all current migraine medication only helps to mask migraine pain, however does not treat the cause of the problem. Stay tuned to view whether these researchers have found a new breakthrough. For further information visit the link below.

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