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Every wonder what migraines and headaches have in common? Ever wonder what these symptoms are trying to tell you?

In this months edition of Style Magazine, Bertrand Doeuk explains what headaches and migraines have in common. Both have an issue with a sensitised brainstem. If you ever had an injury to the neck for example a car accident, a hit to the head or neck, or a fall resulting in neck injuries or whiplash like injuries, then you maybe suffering from a sensitised brainstem. If this does not sound familiar, then do you have a poor posture putting extra strain through your neck?

95% of all our patients who enter our practice have a sensitised brainstem. If you have not had your neck thoroughly assessed by a headache clinician then this maybe the key to why you are still suffering from headaches and migraines. We strongly advise for you to seek expert help to assess your brainstem.

Imagine living a life free from headaches and migraines!