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An interesting case study of a gentleman suffering from chronic daily headaches, and his journey in becoming headache free.

Meet this pleasant gentleman.
Since 2013 this patient had been suffering from daily headaches. He reports that he has continuous headaches 24/7.
Headache pain is located in both eyes, temples and occipital region (back) of the head. He reports that pain is more pronounced on the left hand side of the head being 75% stronger than the right.
The patient does not present with migraine symptoms and does not have:
-Nausea or vomiting
-Visual disturbances such as Aura symptoms
-Sensitivity to light or smell
-Speech disturbances
He does however report of being sensitive to sound which can exacerbate his symptoms during a severe headache attack.
He does not report of injuries to the head or any traumatic experience during 2013. Scans reveal nothing abnormal detected to the brain.
Being a cafe owner and having multiple sites, he reports of pain exacerbating when making coffee and especially when driving to different sites.
He has seen several doctors, and has tried acupuncture and massage
Chronic Daily Headaches due to a sensitised brainstem located in the upper three cervical spine.
Treatment commenced in order to de-sensitise the brainstem through careful manual therapy of the upper three segments of the neck.
After 2 consultations the patient reported of a 30% reduction to his headaches.
After the forth consultation the patient reported of a 60% reduction to his overall headaches.
After the sixth consultation the patient reported of an 85% reduction, and was able to live days without constant headaches.
After the seventh consultation the patient reported of feeling normal with no headaches.
The patient is now able to self manage on his own, with specific exercises to maintain the brainstem from being sensitive.
We wish all the very best in living a life free from headaches!
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