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Do you find yourself waking up in the morning with a migraine or headache? Does it tend to improve during the day? You might benefit from reconsidering your choice of pillow!

The video above is of one of our experienced headache clinicians, Bertrand, demonstrating the assessment and prescription of a contoured memory foam pillow for headache and migraine sufferers.

Read below to learn more about how pillows can help with Migraines.

Pain and Pillows

Waking up with head or neck pain can be very frustrating and debilitating. Carefully considering the factors that are contributing can really help to resolve this issue. There is a large variety of pillows that can be used depending on the position of sleeping, head and neck size, and curve of the spine. We will outline some characteristics to look for in a pillow.

Migraines Pillow

Pillows for migraines include: contoured neck pillows, buckwheat pillows, memory foam pillows and cooling pillows.

Contoured neck support pillows are often made of memory foam, and are excellent at addressing sleeping posture by aiding correct curvature of the spine is maintained so that the cervical spine remains aligned with the rest of the body.

Buckwheat pillows have several advantages. The hulls of the wheat naturally shift to the positioning of your head to allow for a better alignment. Some may also choose to put the pillow in the microwave or the freezer to heat or cool the pillow. Due to the nature of the pillow, some of this temperature will be maintained to assist the patient.

Memory foam pillows are generally the most sought after due to their ability to conform to the neck shape and size. Some do find there is a chemical smell emitted initially, but that can be easily avoided.

Cooling pillows are a newer option, which are specifically more helpful with those who find cold compress or ice aids their pain.

For most migraine or headache sufferers, it is a matter of trying out different pillows, and discussing with a health professional to achieve the best fit.

Neck Pain Pillow

Characteristics of pillows for neck pain:

  • Be fluffy and durable
  • Fill the gap between your neck, head, and back
  • Have the right filling
  • Support your particular sleeping position
  • Keep your neck in a neutral position

It is also noted that the best sleeping position for pain and discomfort tends to be on the back, but it is understood that different people struggle with different positions for a variety of reasons. Alternative options can be suggested depending on the positioning.

Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow

Overall pillows made of memory foam tend to be the most diverse, and suited to all positions of sleeping. However, those who sleep on their stomach tend to report softer down-filled pillows as being the most comfortable. To find the pillow best matched for yourself, contact a health professional to receive assistance.

Buy Neck Pain and Headache Pillow

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